For Individuals - Overview

Most counseling therapies are based only upon psychological principles even though the brain is the source of mental health issues. MindPaz takes a new approach by integrating neuroscience-based software to improve the effectiveness of therapies in relieving mental health issues. MindPaz approach to therapy should be viewed as an extension and enhancement to existing therapies.

To ensure you receive the best treatment we only connect you with licensed mental health professionals who utilize the neuroscience-based enhancements to traditional psychotherapies.

The benefits that MindPaz provides to clients include:

  • Using neuroscience-based software tools to make the counseling more efficient and effective.
  • Ability to actively work on your mental health issues between sessions by using a mobile app.
  • Ability to choose a clinician based on your requirements.
  • Recommends only licensed mental health professionals to guarantee high levels of service.

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