About Us

The MindPaz Group is dedicated to providing neuroscience based mental health services to individuals using the scientific advances made by Dharma Life Sciences. In order to achieve these services, we have partnered with forward-looking mental health clinicians and provided them the access to neuroscience-based software tools, training and support.

Mental health issues are not caused by the individual but rather by the genetic and environmental factors beyond the control of the individual. When genetic and environmental factors support each other, mental health issues arise in the individual. A mental health issue is the result of a brain that is wired in a way that hinders us from our full potential. This wiring creates emotional wellness issues that prohibit us from living a happy and satisfying life. 

Clinicians associated with MindPaz Group resolve these emotional health issues by having clients perform repetitive actions that counter the repetitions which created the problem. Once a client performs enough reverse repetitions through the use of a software program, the brain wiring will be balanced and therefore will address the mental wellness issues. MindPaz solutions are based on strengthening the appropriate neural connections in the brain through neuroplasticity or in other words creating new repetitive experiences that modify the brain wiring.

As a user of MindPaz Group services, you will be able to choose a clinician who is specialized in the issue impacting your mental health, someone who understands you and is geographically convenient for you. All MindPaz Group clinicians are licensed mental health professionals, as well as trained and certified in the use of the neuroscience software tools developed by Dharma Life Sciences.